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L I MR. I T E D   E D I T I O N

To consume with moderation.

BRM, one of the great names in the world of formula 1, remains haloed innumerable victories and titles of champions of the world obtained by Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart. However, here its come-back on the road with Rover 200 BRM Limited Edition.

Based on Rover 200vi, the BRM is presented with a modified interior, a frame of race and especially regulated bodies of propulsion.

Its appearance already is extremely eloquent. «The orange»muzzle and the grill testify without possible confusion that it is a not very common specimen. The red presence of leather and aluminium polished in the cockpit point out the presence of BRM in competition.

But the event jubilatoire with this BRM remains indeed the moment when you take the wheel. The famous Rover engine of 1,8 liter VVC displays its technical skill then and guarantees a sovereign progression.

The variable ordering of the valves and the gear box to short staging take part in addition largely in the remarkable performances.

It goes without saying the frame also is somewhat different. Because of the springs and shock absorbers firmer, the car is flattened, from where a behaviour in turn very marked.

As the brakes were also modified, it follows a feeling on the extremely precise and rather rare pedal.

Here consequently an office plurality of tangible improvements which tally without question with the ambitious design.

Let us tell it any Net: this car is made for the adults. BRM is indeed a name from time immemorial representative of people who dedicate to the car well more that their simple pleasure of leading.

Engine and transmission
Transverse engine 4 cylinders, DOHC with variable ordering of the valves, 1796 Cm3, 145 CH (EEC) with 6750 tr/min, stall torque 174 Nm (EEC) with 4000 tr/min. Modular management of engine (MEMS J2), entirely sequential gasoline injection, direct lighting. 5-speed gearbox with staging runs with control antipatinage «Torsion»®.

Before: McPherson legs, helical springs, telescopic shock absorbers and bars stabilizer. Back: bar torsion, helical springs, telescopic shock absorbers and bars stabilizer.

Power-assisted steering with toothed rack, diameter of steering 10,7 m.

Disc brakes assisted on the 4 wheels, ventilated with front, system with double circuit separated in diagonal, ABS Diameter of the discs to before 262 mm, the back 239 mm.

Rims and tires
Light alloy rims 16 inches with 6 branches with tires 205/45ZR16, boltable nuts. Spare wheel 14 inches.

Electric component
Heating tubes of windscreen washer, essuie-glace/lave-ice of forage ladder with programmable intermittent operation. Halogen lamps. Foglamps. Two rear lights fog. Two reversing lights. Glasses of forage ladder with de-icing. Centralized locking remote-control. Theft protection device perimetric and volumetric with siren, device antidémarrage. The third fire elevated stop.

Interior equipment
Driver's cab of matched hues. Glove box. Electric drive of the window raisers to front and the external rear view mirrors. Seats of the back bench folding separately 60/40. Adjustable safety belts in height with before with rétracteurs. Automatic belts with triple not of anchoring to the back. Ashtray with before with cigarette-lighter. Adjustable wheel in height. Conducting and momentary Airbags. Seats leather with squared pricking of base and garnishings of doors matched. Management report, entourage of the levers of heating on the console and keys of the window raisers with structured aluminium. Aluminium polished on the handles of gates, the lever of the heating, the button of the hand brake, the pommel of the gear shift lever and the stem of the gear shift lever. Red leather on the wheel, the handles of gates, the lid of the console, the handle and the bellows of the hand brake. Elastic pockets of red leather doors. Fitted carpet and woven belts of red color.

3 gates, with forage ladder. Integral anti-corrosive protection with 6 years guarantee 3 years of guarantee on the higher layer of painting. Reinforcements of protection in the doors. Windshield out of laminated glass. Painting in Brooklands green, tallies of the intake air BRM of orange color. Chrome grill. External rear view mirrors, side rods, rods of bumper and handles of gates in hue money. Windshield tinted in green with tapes antireflets. Glass attenuating UV for the other ices. Emblèmes BRM enamelled on the front mudguards.

Fuel consumption
(litres/100 km)
Cycle urbain10,4
Cycle interurbain6,4
Cycle global7,8

Data of fuel consumption according to 93/116/CE determined at the time of the cycle of antipollution test. Variations are possible according to the mode of control, of the conditions of traffic, the environmental incidences and the state of the vehicle. Capacity of the tank 50 liters.

Performances *
0 - 100 km/h8,2 dry
Maximum speed 204 km/h
* given of factory

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